Can I get 200000 miles out of my 2005 Audi A 4?

2005 Audi A4 is one of the coolest vehicles created by Audi. Performance-wise as well as maintenance-wise it has superb response from the drivers round the globe. So you ask can i get 200000 miles out of my 2005 audi a4? Well, as far as stats, facts and figures are concerned, you can definitely get more than 20,0000 miles out of a 2005 Audi A 4. Basically the performance of the cars against the time depends on how you actually drive them and how you maintain your driving machine.

How to Get 200000 miles out of 2005 Audi A4?

There are some routine check-ups you can perform in order to keep your Audi at top shape for longer period and even get more than 200000 miles out of it. The list of routine maintenance instructions are enlisted below

Audi A4 Maintenance Tips

• Proper scheduled change of oil is the basic task that every Audi owner has to perform. Audi recommends change of oil in every 2500 miles or in the period of 60 days whichever happens first.

• Engine belts must be changed every 50,000 miles to keep your engine’s form intact. Most of the Audi owners forget to do so and they have to watch heavy repair bill jotted down in front of them for their own carelessness.

Following the above mentioned instructions and being little bit attentive about the vital stats of your car, you can take your Audi A 4 2005 up to greater distance than 200000 miles with smooth operation.

Can I get 200000 miles out of my 2005 Audi A 4?
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