Audi A4 Vs A5

Audi is one of the famous luxury automobile makers for manufacturing high performance automobiles.

It developed both the A4 and A5 models with slight similarities and differences. Let us compare Audi A4 Vs A5.

Comfort and Convenience

Coming to Audi A4, the back seat passengers can extend more space by folding seats; this is less in Audi A5 model.

The A5 model is designed with greater leg- and headroom, but the A4 model has less space. The A4 model is especially designed for taller passengers, whereas A5 is designed normally.

A5 is more fuel efficient than A4 model. Coming to pricing information, the A5 model is priced at slightly higher price than the A4 model.

Performance and Drive-train

Coming to engine and performance, the A5 model is more powerful than the A4, which is making less horsepower. With slightly higher torque, the power-plant of A5 sends some power to the wheels of A4.

Coming to handling, the A5 model has more turning radius than the A4 model, which has lesser turning radius. In the A5 model, more members cannot travel, whereas the interior seating arrangement of A5 can accommodate more passengers. However, the A5 model has less cargo space than the A4 model.

Coming to warranty information, both A4 and A5 Audi models get the same basic warranty.

Audi A4 Vs A5
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