Audi A4 Specs

The latest Audi A4 specs are summarized in this post; so let’s start off with the power-train.


Considering the engine specifications, the Audi A4 is uses both Turbocharged DOHC I41 and Supercharged DOHC V6 engines that can churn out 211 hp at 5300 rpm, and 333 hp at 5500 rpm respectively. The torque levels produced by two engines are 258 lb-ft at 1500 rpm and 325 lb-ft at 4200 rpm respectively.

The model with Turbocharged DOHC I41 engine along with 6-speed manual transmission gives a mileage of 22/33MPG on city/highways, whereas the models with supercharged DOHC V62 engine paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission provides fuel economy of 21/27MPG.


The Audi A4 is designed as front-wheel drive specification. Coming to the interior specifications, the front headroom is 40.0 inches; front legroom is about 41.3 inches, front shoulder room of about 55.5 inches, second head and hip room of 37.5 inches, and second legroom and shoulder room in 34.3 and 54.3 inches respectively. The latest Audi A4 can accommodate five passengers comfortably.

Physical Dimensions

Taking a look at the physical dimensions, the new Audi A4 has curb weight of 3527 lbs, while its overall height is 56.2 inches, overall length is 185.2 inches, front thread width is 61.6 inches, rear thread width is 61.1 inches, the curb-curb and wall-wall turning diameter are 37.4 feet and 30 feet respectively. The width of the wheelbase is 110.6 inches.

Audi A4 Specs
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