Audi A4 Emissions

Audi has manufactured its fairest A4 TDI model to reduce CO2 emissions. This model is designed with a new 2.0 TFSI engine to fulfill the eco-friendly requirements, and it also improves the efficiency of the car. Apart from minimizing Audi A4 emissions, the company is also going to introduce an additional 4 2.0 TDI engine for 120PS, a mid-size executive car that will impress the premium sector. This model is going to be delivered in two body styles – the Avant and Saloon with conventional, S or SE line.

Low CO2 Emissions: 134g/km

The latest TDI is based on the present generation 2.0-litre 143PS that was first introduced in the A4 lineup and runs on general rail piezo fuel injection system. The engine generates 290Nm of torque designed with a six-speed manual transmission rated at 1,750rpm. This engine is expected to deliver a very high fuel economy of 55mpg, but very few CO2 emissions of about 134g/km.

Few CO2 Emissions Mean Low Taxes

This gives a guarantee to owners of the present generation A4 2.0 TDI 120PS that the vehicle will attract low tax for premium sector, with advantage of tax liability of about £1,582.20 per year or £131.85 per a month for a show room piece.

The merits of technology for Audi valve-lift help the vehicle in attaining 62 mph from a pit-stop in just 6.9-second with a maximum speed of 155mph. This latest model is going to use six-speed manual transmission with front-wheel-drive mechanism. So, new generation will have fewer Audi A4 emissions, and environmental problems.

Audi A4 Emissions
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